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Weasel 2013 short movie

Weasel, the rascal of tales, eats fresh eggs and leaves shelves opened. Prima facie this film about child abuse. Later you suppose it's concerned with autism. But the story is about a man, boy, and rope.


Bror min bror 1999 - Theis and Nico short film

 The Danish name of the movie is “Bror, min bror”. This short film about two brothers - 12-years-old Theis (Aksel Leth) and 7-years-old Nico (Maurice Blinkenberg, who also acts in "Forbudt for børn"), and their neighbor Indian girl Giinjha (Tess Thorsen).

The brothers found a poster from "Gone with the Wind" with a kissing scene and younger Nico wondered "what are they doing". Older "expert"  Theis explained why boy kisses girl. Later that day one of them was invited to Giinjha's birthday party. But who was invited? And who must kiss Giinjha to fulfill a promise?


Alan Smithee 2012 short film

Alan Smithee is a coming-of-age film about a boy growing up. It investigates the darker side of what growing up sometimes means - turning into your flaws, inevitably being faced with the mistakes of your parents, and the need to make room for the pain. The young boy discovered that his father was cheating on his mother at the same moment that his mother found that boy did things with that girl. In other words, he's becoming liar like his father. However, a teenager has the energy to either follow his father's way or change the course of his destiny. 
While Alan is surrounded by what is considered to be the American ideal, all the luxuries that should equate happiness, he determines that sometimes all we are is lost in the woods.

Abenteuer in den Sümpfen 1981 - German short film

Two friends Uwe and Marco sunbathed on the beach of the natural lake. In search of adventure, they captured an empty small boat and went on a journey along the wild river. But the real adventure began when the owners of the boat heavyweight Waldefried and his wife Erna caught up them. The charming film about a boy`s adventures.

Forbudt for børn trilogy 1997 – short masterpiece

Forbudt for børn is Danish short film trilogy about two siblings Ida and Scrubsak. The parts names are  Buldermanden 1996Lykkefanten 1997, and Ogginoggen 1997. Also, there is the documentary film "Behind the scene" about creating a trilogy.

Little girl Ida  (Stephania Potalivo) is only 11 years old, but she must behave like an adult. It is hard. You have to practice a lot. Her mother and father are divorced. The mother drinks too much and Ida must, therefore, take care of her 5-year-old little brother Skrubsak ((Maurice Blinkenberg who also acts in “Theis and Nico”) and she must keep the municipality and the threatening orphanage from the door. At the same time, she has to look after her school and her mother's cleaning job in the evening. She tries to keep it hidden from everyone else, and when the little brother tells Grandma what is happening in the little home, Ida throws herself into the harbor. While the body is on its way to the bottom, the soul is on its way to heaven, but here God is trying to talk her from death by saying that one must know the happiness on earth to appreciate the happiness in Paradise. Ida must return to life on earth and try to create a better life for herself. 

All three movies are pretty original and meaningful to young and old. The director has an enormous spirit to work with so different genres and moods all in the same trilogy. Superb!

All parts and descriptions are in the playlist. Danish language. With English and Portuguese subtitles.


Mondo 1995 film - french language

The story performs at the seaside of Nice, France. One day a young vagrant kid was just there - the beautiful gypsy boy with the amazing smile, courteously asking people on the street: 'Would you like to adopt me?'. A 10 years-old-boy should have had some direction along the way, he never steals but applies an impressive attractiveness to get food and win friends. Bright-eyed and wily, Mondo runs in fear when asked his age, address, or family. He has no answers to these simple questions. He is independent, happy, and does what he likes, with nobody pushing him what to do. The film's apparentness may seem to be flat on the plot, but it is not as simple as it seems. If watching carefully it has a lot hidden below the surface.
11-year-old Romanian gypsy Ovidiu Balan, playing a homeless Gypsy boy, made this movie worth seeing. The movie itself is visually sensational, it's more documentary than anything, it has very little dialogue....and maybe that's a good thing.
'Mondo' reminds the value of appreciation of the world around us for what it is, tidy of prepossessions or apathy.


Conrad: The Factory-Made Boy 1983

One day Ms. Berti Bartolotti received an unusual package: a giant canned tin in which a somewhat shriveled dwarf was crouched. After pouring the enclosed nutrient solution over it, a seven-year-old child emerges from the can, a boy who surprisingly and politely says "Good afternoon, dear mother!" To Mrs. Bartolotti. Konrad, the child from the tin can, initially turns out to be a real model boy, until it turns out that he was a wrong delivery ...

The movie is based on the children's book Konrad oder das Kind aus der Konservenbüchse (Konrad or the Child out of the Tin)  by Austrian author Christine Nöstlinger.