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Help me to remember 2012 - Spanish short movie

Santi, a 10-year-old boy, is going to spend a week with his grandfather Pelayo. The old man is recently windowed and deeply affected by this fact. Moreover, he suffers from Alzheimer's disease. The smart boy strives to help his granny, and he finds the way to do that through fantasy and old comics. Very touching short film.

Marzipan 2007 - fantasy fairytale

Very beautiful tender girls walk through a dark forest when they meet a coach pulled by sweet boys. They get in the carriage and arrive in a palace crowded with the boyish marzipans. Girls eat that sweet boy-marzipans not realizing they will be poisoned by "human" candies. This fantasy tale will leave you shocked for a days.


"The Christmas Twins" or "Tom & Thomas" with subtitles

9-year-old Thomas lives with his adoptive father Paul in London and they are striving to manage after the loss of Thomas' mother. Paul believes Thomas imagines friend Tom to cope with the tragedy. But Thomas is convinced his dreams and uncommon feelings are real. Tom is an orphan at a boy's school and he is in critical trouble. A school nurse takes him snooping just as a paralyzed boy's body is loaded into a car. He becomes a victim of an illegal adoption racket. Now Tom is a fugitive and lucky steal the same jacket that Thomas gets on the way to their meeting point: the space museum. At the museum, Thomas decides to protect Tom, but afraid of his father will not accept them unless they prove that they're twins. Only, the proof is back at the boy's school with some very bad lads ready to make Tom their next kidnap victim.
Young Aaron Johnson, a pretty talented kid actor, played both Tom and Thomas, and the tone he represented the various twins is wonderful. Performance, music, story - everything is excellent. In all, this is a great movie for kids and their parents.

A Child in the Crowd 1976 - rare French film

"Un Infant Dans La Foule" (English: A Child in the Crowd) is the lost masterpiece of the French 1970s. It tells about a young boy who was rejected by society during the days of the German occupation. We watch the boy as he supports the Resistant fighters merely to make his mum love him. We observe him walking the streets where he is the only one to feel pity on a "Femme Tondue" (bald women, that was the masses did to women who slept with the enemy) as the allies approach near Paris. The story is sad because Paul's search for love is so relentlessly and undeservedly failed. Abused with a cruelly heartless mother who is the only real rascal in the story, some of the most touching scenes concern his affecting and empty efforts to get her love.
A “Child in the Crowd” movie is not as dark as either of these films, but, excepting its shortage of commercial trace, is every bit as significant.

Pixote 1981 - shocking movie about street kids

The film “Pixote: A Lei do Mais Fraco” embodies the word exploitation on several levels. Pixote, a 10-year-old boy, is a street kid in Sao Paulo who is caught in a roundup triggered by a murder in which he had no involvement. He is committed to a juvenile prison where he witnesses brutality and exploitation that ordinary citizens try very hard to believe doesn't exist. When finally he escapes, he and three comrades survive by the only crime. Pixote tries to trust and to love and to bond, but there simply is no room in his world for the gentle side of human nature.
"Pixote" is one of the films that dare to touch and open these so painful wounds, and does it without the slightest glimmer of hope, in an honest portrayal of a country that, like Pixote himself, is already lost.