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Killing the Spot 2001 - Spanish short movie with subs

Canned pork, dolls, bolero, plastic - different concepts are mixed in the brain of Bill's killer. Dr. Basil, a psychiatrist, will try to put these elements together to understand the motivation behind Bill's murder.


Ivan's Seesaw - El balancín de Iván (2003) short movie

Between 1976 and 1984, more than 30,000 people were illegally detained and killed in Argentina. There were more than 500 children among them. Many children observed their parent’s death, and then they grew up in front of people who actually crippled their lives and ruined their fates. This film is devoted to the memory of these children.
The short film “El balancín de Iván” (2003) is autobiographical, set on real events and quite intense. A woman's memory of her childhood in Argentina during the dictatorship.