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Abel, twój brat 1970 - Abel Your Brother full movie

"Abel, twój brat (1970)" is an absolutely wonderful film with a very important message, all about the consequences of continual bullying. The film is about the complicated relationship of a newcomer boy with his classmates, his attempts to adapt to the new environment, his friendship, and his betrayal. It is the story of an impressionable twelve-year-old boy who, at all costs, wants to adapt to the lifestyle of a group of class-leading buddies. When the buddies force Karol to beat the little boy and, under pressure, he names the mother of the real culprits, they retaliate violently against him. MEGA Watch online or download a touching film "Abel, twój brat (1970)" about the complex relationship of newcomer Karol and his classmates.


Blue jeans 1977 - Du beurre aux allemands - French movie

Language: French. Subtitles: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian
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Hugues Burin des Roziers directed the 1977 French film “Blue Jeans”. Julien Morin, 11 years old, is on vacation on the English shore. Julien and the older Jean-Pierre had a romantically tinted rapprochement there. Julien, an eleven-year-old French boy from an affluent family, is studying English with other pupils on the English shore at Herne Bay, Kent. The lads, on the other hand, are less interested in learning and prefer to spend their time in amusement arcades with English girls. Julien also has a buddy named Janet, with whom he goes to the movies and walks on the pier. He quickly learns, however, that she is in love with an older French boy named Jean-Pierre, not with him. Instead of being envious, Julien joins the couple and becomes Jean- Pierre's boyfriend, to the point that they no longer need Janet to go about the beach.
Language: French. Subtitles: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian


Timka (2012) short film

Timka, a homeless boy, every evening is looking for a place to sleep. Accidentally he enters the Philharmonic Hall and discovers the wonderful world of music.


Kde padají hvězdy (1996) full movie with subtitles – “Where the Stars Fall” TV series

"Kde padají hvězdy (1996)" is a Czech youth TV series about a sanatorium for children suffering from respiratory diseases. A new arrival at the sanatorium has begun. Among the new arrivals are the confident Sandra, a successful gymnast, or the pretty Lojza, who wants to become a jockey, or the local girl Kristina, granddaughter of a countess, and others. Thanks to the local environment, children are once again trying to fulfill their dreams. Watch online "Kde padají hvězdy (1996)" full movie with subtitles!
Language: Czech. Subtitles: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese
Listing of all episodes:
Kde padají hvězdy (1996) e01 Už to začíná
Kde padají hvězdy (1996) e02 Cizinci
Kde padají hvězdy (1996) e03 V pasti
Kde padají hvězdy (1996) e04 Špatné zprávy
Kde padají hvězdy (1996) e05 Střelec
Kde padají hvězdy (1996) e06 Modlitba závodníka
Kde padají hvězdy (1996) e07 Co mě nezabije, to mě posílí


Agostino (1962) Italian film

“Agostino (1962)” is an Italian film based on a book that was first published in 1944. Agostino is 13-year-old boy who spends his summer holidays in Venice alone with his mother. She is a wealthy, beautiful widow and is very popular with local men. Agostino feels betrayed when his mother strikes up an acquaintance with one of the local gigolos.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese.


Bienaventurados 2012 – Argentina short film

The short film “Bienaventurados (2012)” is touching expression of love. Two brothers and mother. A long distance trip. And the prey in front of Lujan's Mary Mother of God statue. The cinematography is superb. The lovely freshness of the performances. As well as the air of the journey. It's a simple story with a big impact. Concerning faith. And there's love. And the impact of two boys on the planet.

Aqualorius (2009) Danish short film

Twenty years ago, two children disappeared from the primary school pool. Since then, there has been a legend about a terrible monster living at the bottom of the pool. Some kids believe in this legend, some do not. Someone hears some kind of noise when there is no one in the pool, someone even sees something. Lars is sure that everything that is told about this monster is true. The fact that he cannot overcome fear and swim in the pool with other guys makes him a laughing stock and an object of bullying. But he's in secret love with a girl who is older than him, and besides, the girlfriend of James - the biggest bully in the school. In class, he writes letters to her but does not give them back. And unfortunately, one of these letters falls into the hands of James. Lars has a hard choice: either he takes out a coin lying there from the depths of the pool, or the contents of the letter will be known to everyone... Language: Danish. Subtitles: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese


Ti kniver i hjertet (1994) - Cross My Heart and Hope to Die film

“Ti kniver i hjertet (1994)” is rare Norwegian coming-of-age drama. Unlike virtually everyone else in town, Otto's family is not going away for the summer vacation. His parents are unable to afford it. He is alone until he is approached by an older mystery stranger named Frank. Otto learns to see the world of the grownups around him because he has no peers his age. Otto begins to see the world differently after his father's accident, finding a corpse in the lake, and witnessing his mother in a dubious scenario with Frank. Language: Norvegian.
Subtitles: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese.

“Fix you (2016)” short film with subs

"“Fix you (2016)”" is short film about young boy Jack who passes out while playing and requires shock treatment to resuscitate him.
Language: English. Subtitles: Spanish, German, French, Portuguese.


Big Adventure (1969) - La gran aventura – Mexican movie

The film “La Gran Aventura (1969)" tells the narrative of Pepe and Juanito, two young brothers, and their dog. The title of the film is accurate, as the entire film is a big funny boy adventure. Chasing the dog, the boys break out of church, and from that point on, they are all on the run, encountering problems every minute of the movie. The film Big Adventure Boy is a lot of fun and has a terrific Mexican flavor.
Language: Spanish. Subtitles: English, German, French, Portuguese

My queen Karo (2009) movie with subtitles

“My Queen Karo (2009)” is a film set in the 1970s hippie culture. It follows the lives of a young girl and her parents in Amsterdam squatters. Nothing is certain after 10-years-old Karo and her parents Raven and Dalia join a squatter’s settlement on the Amsterdam Wallen to live a life without limits. Raven begins a relationship with a fellow activist shortly after, while Dalia tries to establish a life for herself. The community has its problems, such as striving to stay afloat without being evicted. Karo must navigate her way through the chaos. The film is an autobiographically inspired, delicate coming-of-age story of a little girl that is both touching and humorous. Language: Flemish Dutch French. Subtitles: English, Portuguese, French Watch full playlist here


"Children of Leningradsky 2004" short film

"Children of Leningradsky" is a documentary film by student Hanna Polak, filmed in 2004. Oscar nominee in 2005 for Best Documentary Short. Tens of thousands of children of all ages live on the streets of our cities. They are raped by perverts, beaten by the police, they live in dark corners of heating mains and basements - defenseless, unnecessary, sniffing glue and drinking vodka. On the streets, some of them go berserk, beating even more defenseless and weaker than they are, a few ends up in orphanages and stay there for a long time.
Language: Russian. Subtitles: English.


Anoche sone contigo (1992) - "Last Night I Dreamed of You" Mexican film

The iconic coming-of-age film "Anoche sone contigo (1992)" is a must-see. Toto and Quique can while away their summer vacation by riding about their neighborhoods and spying on Quique's maid, Chabelita. Azucena, Toto's cousin, has arrived in town to recuperate with his family after an unsuccessful love affair. This is ideal for Toto, who is just entering adolescence and can't help but notice that she is a really lovely girl. She seemed to be friendly to him as well. In this masculine coming-of-age narrative, which is, interestingly enough, directed by a woman, they eventually have his first brief sexual encounter.
Language: Spanish. Subtitles: English


Dreams 2003 - SUEÑOS short film with subs

The short film “Sueños (2003)” focuses on two young, temperamental Spaniards, about 12 years old, who throw rotten eggs at passersby from the roof of one of the city's high-rises. Waiting in ambush for suitable "targets," the boys argue, swear, confess, dream. Everything is as usual. Sunny and carefree. And, as they say, nothing portends trouble. The director does not give the slightest hint of a tragic outcome, everything happens instantly, unexpectedly, and unnoticed. Not even for one of the characters, who continues to naively dream, unaware that these dreams will never come true.
Language: Spanish. Subtitles: English, German, French, Russian.


I'm Getting a Yacht (1980) - Mi Faccio La Barca

"Mi Faccio La Barca (1980)" is a family adventure movie. Piero, an Italian dentist, intends to spend his vacation cruising on a tiny sailing boat with his two young children. His previous wife Roberta is preparing something similar, but on a luxurious yacht with her high-society acquaintances. However, when Piero's initial forays into the sea end in catastrophe, Roberta is concerned for the children's safety and chooses to board his boat. The reunited family goes sail, anticipating many adventures and unusual encounters. Will they be able to reach Sardinia? And, maybe more significantly, will Piero and Roberta reconcile? Language: Italian. Subtitles: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish.


Труша - Trusha 2015 short movie

Vanya Trushin is a ten-year-old boy who has been orphaned and is now forced to live in an orphanage, where day in and day out he must resist the violence he endures at the hands of his older peers. The orphan tries to resist the violent orders of the orphanage. The short film "Trusha (2015)" is directed by a former orphanage inmate. Language: Russian. Subtitles: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese.


Waiting for the Rain (1978) Czech film - Cekani na dest

“Cekání na dést” is a 1978 Czechoslovak film directed by Karel Kachyna. The movie covers a few days in the life of 12-year-old Alenka in the Bohnice panel housing estate in Prague near the end of the summer holidays. On a scorching hot summer day, a young girl had to leave the countryside and return home to a block of flats on the outskirts of Prague. Alenka is home alone during the steamy holidays. She is bored, she has a great imagination, and she is also secretly in love. She spends most of the day alone, entertaining herself by thinking and picturing while waiting for the rain on the scorching hot building roof. Alenka has a crush on actor Budil and dresses up for him every day, bringing her mother's purse out onto the street. This short, nice romance about the emotional outbursts of a young girl has succeeded. The well-played main character forces an understanding smile as well as sympathies. Language: Czech. Subtitles: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese.


"Jaime (1999)" Portugal film with subs

"Jaime (1999)", a masterpiece of the Portuguese cinema, is a must-see film for every fan of the coming-of-age genre. Jaime is a 13-year-old kid who lives in a suburban area in Oporto, Portugal, with his mother, her boyfriend, and his two younger sisters. The years are difficult, and many children are forced to labor by their parents in order to contribute to the family budget across the country. Although child labor is prohibited in the country, most families are on the verge of bankruptcy and are forced to resort to desperate tactics. Businesses are also prepared to take in and exploit children since they may demand as much as adult workers while paying lower wages and paying no taxes to the government. Jaime lives with his mother because his parents are divorced, but no one is pressuring him to work, unlike some of his classmates. Despite this, he sneaks out each night to work at a nearby bakery and earn money in the hopes of bettering his life and reuniting with his mother and father.
Language: Portuguese. Subtitles: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese.


"Unexpected Encounters (1995)" - Nesmluvená setkání

Film “Nesmluvená setkání (1995)” is made for television in the cold war era and its budget is quite limited. A scientific expedition arrives on the uninhabited planet of the Ark to verify that the environment of the recently discovered planet is suitable for human life. Strange things will soon happen on the Ark. Members of the expedition gradually discover that the guide to the mysterious phenomena is a little boy, a child of terrestrial astronauts, who once crashed here. The boy was saved and raised by an advanced and elusive civilization, which is at home on the Ark and does not wish to be exposed. A series of dramatic events revolve around the boy - the cosmic Mowgli.
Language: Czech. Subtitles: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Russian.

Elvis! Elvis! (1976) Swedish film

“Elvis! Elvis!” (1976) tells the story of an eight-year-old kid who has a variety of issues as a result of his alienated connection with his mother. Junior is obstinate and fights back when his mother wishes for him to be someone other than who he is. Will these two be able to find common ground before the credits roll? Childhood and growing up are generally believed to be accurately and naturally depicted in Scandinavian films, particularly Swedish ones.
Language: Swedish. Subtitles: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese.


Sojky v hlave 1984 - Flausen im Kopf

Surprisingly, a pleasant summer film about growing up and first innocent love. Two boys live in the countryside with their parents. Their father was a great football pro, but Mato is clumsy and a dreamer while his brother Vojto prefers to watch girls. To the amusement of all the girls in the village, Mato has to be a model for his cousin, who is a hairdresser's apprentice. When an early childhood sweetheart comes to nothing, he runs away. He soon finds out that things aren't so bad at home. Language – Slovak. Subtitles – English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian.


It's Not Me, I Swear! 2008 - C`est pas moi, je je jure!

Léon is ten years old, has a lot of issues, and has an overactive imagination. Of course, there are the bickering parents and the obnoxious neighbors who get to spend the summer at the beach. Then there's Léa, the irritable girl who is always correct about everything. When Léon's mother decides to leave everything behind and start a new life in Greece in the summer of 1968, he is willing to go to any length to alleviate the agony. Destroy your neighbors' house, become a professional liar, and, why not, fall in love with Léa? They will overcome the anguish of growing up when you feel abandoned if they work together. “C`est pas moi, je je jure! (2008)” was filmed in Canada with French dialogue, and it deserves to be seen by a much wider audience.


The Suburb Crocodiles 1977 - Die Vorstadtkrokodile - German film - English Portuguese subtitles

The 1977 film “Die Vorstadtkrokodile” is based on the children's novel Vorstadtkrokodile by Max von der Gruen.
Who wants to belong to the crocodiles and can sew a badge on the pants, must first pass a dangerous test of courage. Like Hannes, who is supposed to climb onto the roof of an old brick building, which will soon be demolished. As he slips, almost all the crocodiles made up of Olaf, Maria, Otto, Theo, Frank, Rudolf, Peter, Will, and Erich put together, go away. Lucky that Kurt, who is sitting in a wheelchair because of polio, can watch the events at the window and call the fire brigade without any harm. Kurt gets the nickname racing driver and soon becomes the hero of the gang. As the shops of the city are repeatedly hit by thieves, the band must respond...
Language: German. English and Portuguese subtitles are available in video settings.

Was soll bloß aus dir warden (1984) German movie

“Was soll bloß aus dir warden (1984)” (English - What should become of you?) is a rare film about children in low society and people who have difficulty helping them. The main character, 12-year-old Boris, lives with an alcoholic mother and her angry boyfriend. He doesn't go to school while his older friends make him commit a crime. Fortunately, a young male teacher takes control of the situation. The class goes on a summer excursion where children live in summer camp and learn many essential things likewise their teachers. This young film does not end in tragedy. I have brought this television film to a better resolution and sharpness, more colorful, translated, and subtitled in four languages. English is my original translation; others were done by translating programs.

Torzók 2001 – Abandoned – Hungarian film

Torzók, also known as Abandoned is set in a 1960s Hungarian orphanage, thus almost everyone who watches it is unfamiliar with the subject and locale. Aron Soprani is a little boy who has been abandoned by his father and placed in a government-run orphanage. Aron finds no peace in his new home, which is run by harsh, abusive individuals. Slowly building bonds with the few allies he can find, including another youngster, Attila, and two orphanage staff, Aron and his circle rely on one another to survive the orphanage's and their country's awful conditions, both of which have been wrecked by communism's spread. The original language of “Abandoned 2001” is Hungarian with built English subtitles.


The Quarry 2010 short movie

The short film “The Quarry (2010)” is a film set in the 1990s that follows the main character, 12 years old Charlie, over one day. Charlie's best friend Natalie is going away, and he learns to manage with the extra pressure from his friends and family as he tackles his developing love for her. Charlie tries to make Natalie's final day memorable.

The Boyfriend Game 2014 short movie

The short film "The Boyfriend Game (2014)" is about young girls Tomika and Edith as they conjure up traits for their future lovers while wandering through the wilderness. However, as the game progresses, dark and brimful information is provided through a verbal exchange that soon escalates to mature topics. Two closest friends play "THE BOYFRIEND GAME" in the seclusion of the Australian outback, where they individually construct their perfect fictional guys. Unfortunately, one of the females seemed to be more interested in the other girl's dream than in her own.

The DMZ 1965 – “Bimujang jidae” Korean movie

“The DMZ (1965)” is possibly the best 1960s film I've ever watched, telling the narrative of two children who try to be children in the center of a minefield while they explore the Korean border. After the signing of the Korean War armistice in the summer of 1953, a young boy and a little girl find themselves in no man's land. Because the two are merely children, they have no idea that they are in the "DMZ" or what the DMZ is; all they know is that they are alone and in danger. Skeletons and decomposing bodies, as well as abandoned tanks, overturned trucks, damaged railroads, and rusted equipment, are common sights. There are no other people around, and nature has begun to reclaim the land — wild dogs and foxes pose a threat, and little girl subsequently becomes separated from her brother after following a cute bunny into a woodland grove and being unable to find her way back.


Pelle der Eroberer 1986 - Pelle the Conqueror German movie

The German version of the film "Pelle der Eroberer (1986)" has the same plot as the more widely known Swedish version.
Late 19th century, a boat filled with Swedish immigrants’ docks on the Danish island of Bornholm. Among them are the father and his little son Pelle, who moved to Denmark so that the father could find work. After some time after wandering, the father succeeds to get work on a large farm, but the attitude towards hired workers leaves much to be desired. However, no one working there wants to give up their dream of finding a better life than the life they left behind in Sweden.
With English subtitles.

“My sweet orange tree” 1970 movie – “O Meu Pé de Laranja Lima” Brazilian movie

The Brazilian movie “O MEU PÉ DE LARANJA LIMA” (1970) is about Zezé - a poor six-year-old boy, intelligent, sensitive, and needy. He is a sad, toy-less child who, one day, in one of his backyard games, ends up making a lime orange tree his greatest confidant. Lacking an affection, he doesn't find it in his family – no one has much patience for him. The devilish little boy goes out on the streets to do a thousand mischief. He learns everything himself; he is the “discoverer of things”. When the family moves into a house where are lots of trees in the yard, each brother chooses one for himself – one gets the mango tree, another gets the tamarind tree, and so on. Zezé is left with a small lime orange tree. However, this tree is so friendly that they talk a lot and even play together. Zezé invents for himself a fantasy world in which the great confidant is Minguinho, the lime orange tree.
This film is the first adaptation of the great book “MEU PÉ DE LARANJA LIMA” about childhood, written by José Mauro de Vasconcelos and published in 1968, just two years before the movie was created. It seems that this movie is very true to the novel, which is generally positive. Children are really cute. The end is indeed moving.
Language – Portuguese, subtitles - English, Spanish, Russian.


Ya no puede caminar - Can't Walk Anymore (2001) short film

The short film “Ya no puede caminar” (2001) is about a young boy of roughly ten years old who is terrified of roaches. He discovers another in the basement. His father advises him to get acclimated to the bugs to conquer his anxieties. The roach is captured in a bottle and placed near to the boy's bed. He does the same thing with any pests that he is terrified of, such as snails and worms. Be prepared for a surprise till he captures his masterpiece...but I won't tell you when that happens.
Language - Spanish, subtitles - English, Spanish, French


Little Rabbit In A Hole - Haschen in der Grube (2004)

The short film “Little Rabbit In A Hole” (2004) is mostly a drama about a family's interpersonal interactions. The frightening storyline of the film centers on a suburban German family that looks to be fairly normal at first glance. There are the parents that work long hours and have little time for their children. Marcus, twelve, and his younger sister, as youngsters do, are both fighting for their parents' attention... But Marcus makes a tragic discovery one night that destroys his innocence and affects his friendship with his father forever.
Language-German; Subtitles - French,English,Portuguese,Italian,Arabic,Estonian.