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Anibal 2000 TV Film – with EN, ES, DE subtitles

This sweet movie is about a young boy Edgar. In his 10 he is the Gardener-boy with unusual desires, irrelevant for the son of a prosperous producer, who gives his child any kind of pleasure in a rich house and enormous yard. But the bright negligence of Sweety (as mother calls Edgar) is killed by the addition to the family - the parents adopted the Peruvian boy without asking the Sweety. Mad son against implacable parents – this situation soon develops into the confrontation of an egocentric kid with a little Indian, who is supposed to become a younger brother. Rejecting his parents, Edgar escapes in the own world with two helpers - an old gardener, and a family doctor. These two adults are turning his attention from the flower world to reality.
Anibal 2000 movie is a story about the Heart, about the Big Heart of a small person, which, with the support of wise men, finds feelings inside and awakens these feelings in others.

Language: French. Subtitles: English, German, Spanish


For Dorian 2012 - short film

The touching movie about a desperate father and his disabled son. A father is afraid of the coming of age of his son, a boy living with Down disease, and struggles with the idea of letting him grow up.

Kompis 2014 short film

Kent and Thomas often spend time together hanging around the small town. In there growing up age they think they are good friends. But only shocking circumstances can reveal who is a real friend.
I suppose this amateur short film was shot with the regular camcorder, but it’s still brilliant.

O.T.E. 2013 short film

7-year old Mikey lives in a world where his family and all adults have died due to "Pandemic Strike". But in his childish universe, he still awaits for some magic, until 12-year old Will appears and explains Mikey he must go with him if he wants to survive.
A bit strange but intriguing short film.

Lesya 2016 - short film shot by children

This is a movie about a young girl Lesya, who is afraid of swimming in water. Her family is striving to survive and the only profit is picking the seashells. Yura, Lesya's brother, gets them diving to the seabed all day long. Lesya strives to help him. A little girl is defeating her fear, and brothers love makes her confident…
This short film was shot in the Black Sea children's camp without any funds. Cast crew included 33 people, most of them were children from 10 to 15 years. The sound was recorded by smartphones, they were fastened with adhesive tape under the clothes.

The Boy and the Star 1976 - rare Mexican film

A little orphan survives together with an old man, earning money by selling caught songbirds. They are happy with their freedom, despite poverty. Forest rustles and the rumble of a seething river, a starry night under grandfather's conversation, city people, and the bustle of hot places placing the child in unexpectedly dramatic circumstances. Symbols and allegories begin to appear through the haze of an ironic fairy tale, between the birds trapped in a cage and a prisoner trapped in a cell for nothing. The childhood joys are cut short by separation, turning around for the boy with the same bondage that had deprived the old man recently. In the despair of loneliness, the child is saved by a naive faith in the heavenly patronage of a happy star. This is a story of the inescapable longing of a child, from which there is no salvation other than heavenly miracles.

Language: Spanish - Español. Subtitles: English, German, French