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Cowboy Angels (2009) - French film with subtitles

The 18th district of Paris, in the La Chapelle area. Pablo, who is eleven years old, is oblivious to his mother's shambles. He resolves to search for his Spanish father after being orphaned for the millionth time. He meets Louis, a poker player who has had a rough go of it and to whom he has developed an enigmatic attachment. But his "Spanish father" ends up being a figment of his imagination... “Cowboy Angels (2009)” is controversial and touching movie with slightly unfinished ending.


Cootie Contagion (2012) short movie

Matt is in danger as the sickness spreads. Dr. Connor has warned Matt about the hazards of girls and will isolate him if necessary. Matt must remain away from Becca's birthday celebration; otherwise, his boykind may perish. A few motives for watching “Cootie Contagion (2012)” are the charming performances, the inspired plot, the gentle comedy, and the feeling of being about oneself at a young age. Because the allure of this short film is a suitable shelter for discovering a real-life situation in which a radical solution to a major problem is required.


'Chikara - the Sumo Wrestler's Son (2014) - Chikara: sumobryderens søn - short film

Chikara was a sumo wrestler for several years and enjoys the sport, although it may be difficult at times. He is also one most potential sumo wrestlers of his club, having already won tournaments. Chikara's father Harumitsu had a prosperous career as a respected professional sumo wrestler from Tokyo's largest and most successful sumo stable, therefore Chikara has a lot riding on his shoulders. Chikara looks up to his father, but he is also wary of him since he can be harsh whenever it concerns to sumo wrestling. Harumitsu, like most other Japanese parents, works six days a week from early dawn to late at night, thus Chikara spends very little time with him. As a result, sumo is a very special occasion for Chikara and his father. Chikara wishes to please his father and stay true to his high expectations. "The Sumo Wrestler's Son" is a wonderful and touching story about the father-son connection and the pressures of standards, but it's also a universal narrative of a strong youngster who must go through a lot to learn that his dad loves him anyway.


Avondale Dogs (1994) - Australian short film

A little child wrestles with something greater than he realizes: the loving inside oneself, which he discovers via his bond with his dying mother, and the ability of love to conquer sorrow and grief. A film "Avondale Dogs (1994)" that has won several awards.


When I Was Five I Killed Myself (2004) - Quand j'avais 5 ans je m'ai tué

"“When I Was Five I Killed Myself” is a 1981 novel by Howard Buten. This book was adapted for the cinema in 1994 by Jean-Claude Sussfeld under the same title “Quand j'avais 5 ans je m'ai tué”. Gilbert Rembrand is an eight-year-old who attends school with his peers. Tinias is her best friend, and the two of them have a lot of fun together, making plots to fool the mistress and occasionally breaking the laws. Everything goes smoothly, and Gil meets Jessica, an intriguing girl. They become buddies because something about this kid's personality appeals to Gil. His life will thereafter gradually transform into a love story, but also a story of madness. The little boy and girl will one day express their love in a way that is "too adult" for their age. Because of what he did to Jessica, here he is in a specialized residence. Alone, faced with the stupidity of adults who transform his dreams into clinical symptoms, and his love into an attack. Alone in a fortress of silence. Who can look for it there? Language: French. Subtitles: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish.


"Большие хлопоты из-за маленького мальчика (1967)" - Big Troubles for Small Boy - soviet film

Borya, a five-year-old boy actor, vanished from the filming room on the thirteenth take. While exploring the studio, the boy unintentionally participates in the filming of another film and then gets into a toy rocket for the children's playground, which is quickly immersed in a truck and transported with the boy from the studio. Borya is already on the lookout for Tamara Vasilyevna, a police lieutenant. Heroes will have to travel to numerous iconic spots in Kiev in quest of the small boy, including the Green Theater, the Dnepr River beaches, and the Kiev Circus. Nobody anticipated the search for the missing young kid to span the entire city. As a result, Borya will be found in the circus following his "major troubles."
"Big Troubles for Small Boy" is a happy and upbeat children's adventure comedy set in the Soviet Union in the 1960s, with no "communist" agitation. Veniamin Vasilkovsky and Alexander Muratov directed the film, which was written by Evgeny Onoprienko and shot at the Dovzhenko film studio. Collectors of Soviet cinema adore the film since it was shot during one of the most liberated periods in cinema history.
Language: Russian. Subtitles: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French.

Big boy (2014) short film

The boy turns six years old. The father sends him to the shop to buy bread for the first time in his life. If he passes this test, he will be considered Big boy...
Language: Russian. Subtitles: English

Bubblegum Smackers (2010) short

“Bubblegum Smackers (2010)” is a short film about a Child's World Imagination. Walter Wilder and his partner Sam Hart are two of the city's toughest investigators. Jessica Rogers, a little girl, comes to them looking for her closest friend which is missing. Walter and Sam find themselves not only in the world of infamous gangster Big Pop but also in the midst of their own secrets. Language: English. Subtitles: German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese.


10 et demi (2010) - Ten and half – French film

"10 et demi (2010)" is about Tommy Leblanc who had a difficult existence. He spent several years of his childhood staying in adoptive homes after being abandoned by his parents. His traumatic background resonated in his actions, and his erratic behavior drove numerous foster parents to abandon him. He is arrested and transferred to a juvenile delinquent rehabilitation institution when he is ten and a half years old. Staff working at these institutes are portrayed in several films dealing with troublesome children as being uninterested in the well-being of the children committed to them. Tommy, on the other hand, is fortunate to be surrounded by educators who take their jobs seriously and strive to keep the youngsters at the rehabilitation facility safe. Tommy appears to be calm and kind at first. He's interested in learning more about the new area he'll be calling home. Tommy, in his own unique way, enjoys charming others by demonstrating friendliness and social etiquette. However, the instructors quickly learn that first impressions are frequently incorrect. Tommy becomes violent and unpleasant at the smallest provocation or displeasure. He has almost no respect for other people's rights, safety, or feelings during these outbursts. At the rehabilitation center, his deviant behavior is causing more and more problems. Some of the employees begin to worry if the boy has a mental illness, and they are scared that his unpredictable convulsions could harm other children. Tommy's teachers are wondering if they do have the ability to cope with him and are ready to quit up. Only one of them feels Tommy's behavior would improve if the staff could figure out how to treat him properly. As the story progresses, it's difficult to tell who is more sensitive: Tommy or those who try to aid him...