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10 et demi (2010) - Ten and half – French film

"10 et demi (2010)" is about Tommy Leblanc who had a difficult existence. He spent several years of his childhood staying in adoptive homes after being abandoned by his parents. His traumatic background resonated in his actions, and his erratic behavior drove numerous foster parents to abandon him. He is arrested and transferred to a juvenile delinquent rehabilitation institution when he is ten and a half years old. Staff working at these institutes are portrayed in several films dealing with troublesome children as being uninterested in the well-being of the children committed to them. Tommy, on the other hand, is fortunate to be surrounded by educators who take their jobs seriously and strive to keep the youngsters at the rehabilitation facility safe. Tommy appears to be calm and kind at first. He's interested in learning more about the new area he'll be calling home. Tommy, in his own unique way, enjoys charming others by demonstrating friendliness and social etiquette. However, the instructors quickly learn that first impressions are frequently incorrect. Tommy becomes violent and unpleasant at the smallest provocation or displeasure. He has almost no respect for other people's rights, safety, or feelings during these outbursts. At the rehabilitation center, his deviant behavior is causing more and more problems. Some of the employees begin to worry if the boy has a mental illness, and they are scared that his unpredictable convulsions could harm other children. Tommy's teachers are wondering if they do have the ability to cope with him and are ready to quit up. Only one of them feels Tommy's behavior would improve if the staff could figure out how to treat him properly. As the story progresses, it's difficult to tell who is more sensitive: Tommy or those who try to aid him...

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